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kaGh5 patreon name and message by TubbyToon            Paypal Logo16 by TubbyToon 
Hey everybody, I recently opened an account with Patreon : Click Here

For those who don't know,  it's a crowd-sourcing website like KickStarter, only it's to fund on going projects like webcomics, musicians and well anything else you want to see on the internet. Here are some FAQ

What I want to do is something like :iconseriojainc: does with Banna Galactic, but instead of designing a private website, I'll just use Patreon and post the stuff publicly here. That way I can reach more people.

And I'll I'm asking is for pledges in the $1 to $5 dollar ranges, Maybe a few $10 here and there.

Edit: The Patreon works is that I can set it for a monthly fee or charge the pledge for every piece I make with a price cap.
I seem to have lost one pledge when I made the switch to "Monthly". Leave a comment to which you prefer.

So Patreon is a place where you can pledge a fixed donated amount each month. You can even set you contribution to private...The only hang up is that you need to use a bank card. 

But if you don't have a Patreon account and don't want the hassle, you could always donate through PayPal with a one time or recurring donation : Click Here

I know I take commissions, but a lot of those lately have been private, so I don't get to show what i'm working on. And there are are side projects I would like to do.

For example if I could cover some expenses, I would have more time to finish the Big Sister comic...

Big Sister Page 1 by TubbyToon     Big Sister Page 2 by TubbyToon    Big Sister Page 3 by TubbyToon   Big Sister Page 4 by TubbyToon

And that's just the start. Here are some other idea's for comic stories I want to work on:

Star! How Gwen got separated from Ben and Max and felling love with Gluto

Star! A "Super Boy and Legion of Superheros" story were Lana travels the the future and becomes a fat super heroine.

Star! "Judge Dredd" investigates a "Fatties" strip club

Star! Gummi Bears: Princess Calla drinks a "bad" batch of Gummi Berri Juice.

Star! What if Marge Turned into the Blob instead of Homer.

Star! An original story were a family moves to a town called "Prosperity"

Star!  Goof Troop: The kids move out and Peg starts to gain weight out of boredom. 

Star! Random Zuko and Tubby Toph adventures 

Also I would like to save some money so I can buy a decent animating program...Maybe Toon Boom. I heard that the best program for lines. 



I would also like to do what :iconaxel-rosered: and set up a raffle system. But I'd like to introduce that later down the line after I see how this works out.

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ogop124 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014
Say tubby, have you ever thought of doing 18+ stuff?
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u ok?
MovieMowDown Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I think he is fine, just give him a few days I think.
credechica4 Featured By Owner May 19, 2014
could u show more speed draws?
credechica4 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014
happy birthday may a bbw eat her way out of the giant cake
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Hope you have an Amazing Birthday! :wave:
shaneizan Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2014
Happy Birthday dude!
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Happy birthday!
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Happy Birthday!
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